From our farms to the world

Growing fresh produce locally to share flavourful varieties worldwide

About Us

LPG Cutri Fruit Global are a premium Australian produce company, delivering fresh and flavourful products worldwide.

Combining the expertise of two leading Australian fresh produce companies, LPG Cutri Fruit Global offers importers, exporters, and wholesaler’s premium Australian produce, fresh from the farm.

Cutri Fruit is a third-generation family farm located in Victoria, Australia. Spanning acres of peaches, plums, nectarines, and avocados, they focus on innovation and growing flavourful varieties that are packed with health benefits.

LaManna Premier Group (LPG) is a vertically integrated fresh produce, supply chain company in Australia, distributing fruit and vegetables domestically and internationally. With owned farms and strategic grower partners nationwide, they ensure the delivery of quality, flavourful, fresh produce.

Together, we strive for continuous innovation, bringing only the best products and unique varieties to consumers.

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Gaethan Cutri

Grower & Owner, Cutri Fruit

Frank Frappa

Executive General Manager, International Sales, LPG

Fresh From Farm

Our produce adheres to strict quality guidelines, ensuring you get fresh, consistent, flavourful produce.
Our farming production spans Australia wide, including both open field growing and protected cropping, and is supported by: unique microclimate growing techniques; climate-controlled distribution services; and, leading edge ripening facilities.

From our family to yours, we bring you healthy, flavourful, exciting varieties the whole family will enjoy.


Fresh Seasonal Produce

Seasonal Stone Fruit
Being Australia’s premier exporter of nectarines, peaches, and plums, LPG Cutri Fruit Global send fruit around the world.

Our stone fruit products are grown in a unique microclimate that provides maximum daylight hours and penetration rates of the sun, ensuring the sweetest, best-tasting fruit globally. This method also requires less inputs (chemicals and water), therefore producing fruit with a very low chemical residue level.

Download a copy of our Harvest Calendar to find out when our stone fruits are in season.

Flavourful Fresh Produce
While we’re famous for stone fruit, we work with experienced growers nationwide to supply a range of fresh produce all year round, including grapes, mangoes, pears and more!

Download a copy of our Seasonality Chart to review the full range of produce and seasonal availability.

Innovation and Progressive Growing

Being one of Australia’s largest stone fruit growers, we remain focused on innovation, category development, and producing consistent, reliable varieties that embody great taste, texture, and shelf life.

Our mission is to use systems, science, and technology to consistently deliver customer satisfaction on time, every time. These innovative techniques are further supported by Cravo technology, two-dimensional trellis growing, blemish sorting and drone technology.


LPG Cutri Fruit Global is an ethically accredited business, receiving the following accreditations:

Australian Trusted Trader
Known Consignor
Global GAP
SQF Certified

Get In Touch

If you’d like more information on LPG Cutri Fruit produce, growing techniques, or exporting opportunities, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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